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Our Story

About Tineke & Ad

Hello! Welcome to our story. Below you will find some more information about us and our journey together. 

Tineke and Ad met 4 years ago. From Amsterdam and Haarlem, they soon moved in together in Hoofddorp. Now they are ready for the next adventure… starting a Chambre D’hotes in France.

Tineke had been a teacher for over 20 years at an elementary school in Amsterdam. She also has years of experience in education for special needs kids. Before that, she worked as a nurse. Perhaps the most impressive feature about her is that she became a children’s book writer about 10 years ago, turning her hobby into a profession. Interested in learning more about her books, visit

Ad has worked at sea for numerous years but worked in logistics for most of his career. Sports and gardening are his great hobbies.

We live here with our three cats, Sientje, Pepsi and Hachi, and our two dogs, Tommie, and Beer. The animals have their own separate space so you will not be bothered.

Our Animals









Our Passion

Now that we have told you what we did when we lived in Amsterdam, let us give you some intel on why we started our own Bed and Breakfast!

It all started in February, due to the lockdown during Covid-19. Everyone suffered in their own way and so did we. But the way we dealt with our problems was by getting out in nature. The thought of moving to a green and more spacious environment became more and more appealing. So just for fun, we started to look at a couple of houses online in Holland. Shortly thereafter we saw “look for houses in France” pop up on the website. Intrigued we clicked on the link and got to a website that got us hooked. We saw a beautiful, rural house based in Limoise that, with some touch-ups, looked like a magical place to live. We were sold. A couple of months later we visited the house in person and we ended up buying the house! Now you might be wondering, why turn it into a Bed and Breakfast?
We both have a heart of gold and always love having people around. Whether it is to share stories or simply to enjoy each other’s company, it has always given us joy. So we figured, why not? Let’s create a magical place that we can share with others, create fond memories and live our lives in harmony between the beautiful hills of Allier, France. Fresh croissants in the morning, dinners outside in nature amongst chirping birds, sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Hopefully, we will see you soon and provide you with a calm and enchanting stay at Champ Du Bois!