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Welcome to

Champ Du Bois!

Welcome to Champ Du Bois!

Champ Du Bois is an enchanting bed and breakfast that sits in the middle of France. In the little village Limoise you will find our bed and breakfast wich is unlike any other. On the beautiful hilly landscape you will find forests, castles and a cosy atmosphere to guarantee a lovely stay.  

Our lovely home is a renovated farm that features two separate housing opportunities, one which we call “The Garden room” and the other, “The Bird room”. This provides plenty of privacy. With an incredibly spacious back yard filled with flowers, chirping birds and shaded benches, you will be able to fully come to rest.

There is also a big covered lounge space where you can play board games and eat dinner at night. Besides what we offer on our property, there is also a bunch of attractions and activities nearby! Such as the biggest oak tree forest in Europe and the beautiful city of Moulins.
Our chambre d’hotes is an excellent place as a stopover towards southern Europe. Our house is easy to find less than half an hour from the A77.

What's in the area?

Whether you are planning on visiting us for a nice and quiet vacation, passing through to another destination or going on an adventurous trip with the kids, there is plenty to do in the area that will fulfill you and your family's needs.