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Come by train.

From the Netherlands you can take Thalys to Paris. There you can change in Gare du l’est for the direct train to Moulins or Nevers. We can pick you up from the train station.

Come by car
Navigate from the Netherlands to limoise. You can choose the (toll)road along Paris (this can be very busy) or along Reims, Troyes and Auxerre. This will take about 1.15 hours longer but is a more scenic route.

We offer a private parkingspot for your car. There is also enough room for your trailer if applicable. An electric vehicle charging station is at 130 Rte de Paris, 03000 Avermes, France. (11 min).
Come by plane
You can take the airplane to paris and then you have to take the train to Moulins or nevers.

If you go to the airport in Clermont Ferrand, we can pick you up for a small fee. (It is an hour drive.)

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